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One of the more time consuming tasks for many Financial Markets Participants is the crafting of accurate, consistent Regulatory reports.

These same reports often need to cater for the ever changing industry determined data classifications.

To this end, MoonFire Technology has developed Generator, a product that provides any Financial Market Participant with a flexible and comprehensive tool for the production of the many industry required reports.  

In addition to this and in consultation with several of the Asset Managers, MoonFire Technology is pleased to offer an additional selection of reports covering general industry reporting requirements.

Generator itself is a repository of "as at a point in time" data, which is then controlled by the Generator Engine allowing the client to produce any of their available reports based on a set of user determined selections.


Regulation 28 SiB Source Data

Using our leading edge Dynamic Loader we are no able to load Regulation 28 Schedule iB reports as a data source.

Dividend Witholding Tax
Dividends Witholding Tax has been with us for a while now, Generator can produce the SARS submission files.
New Regulation 28 SiB

The FSB has recently published a new Schedule iB to be used by the Pension Funds Annual Financials. We have updated our templates for those clients that want the updated format