Regulatory Reporting Service

Moonfire Technology is excited to announce our new Regulatory Reporting Service.

We have acknowledged the specialist skills required to manage the volume and complexity of this data and are now in a position to provide a Full Service offering. 

The following functions have been made available as part of this service:

• Liaise with External Managers to gather the data 

• Load all required data into Generator, where  the following formats are accepted;  CSV,  XML,  XLS(x)and Excel based Schedule iB reports 

• Assignment of  Instruments for ALL offered regulatory reports. We now have a repository of Instruments which we constantly update to ensure accurate Regulatory Reporting. 

• Provide Regulatory Reports, including Reg28, Reg29/30, SARB, FSB, ASISA plus many more. 

You are welcome to utilise the entire service or pick the portions of the service that will add the most value to your business.


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